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Ladies and gentlemen, you will be among the lucky ones to witness the most original of the street theatre of all time: the original Time Machine! You will be witnesses of an exceptional historical event, a legend that becomes reality thanks to the most original of steampunk street theatre: a real Time Machine and its steampunk performers.

They come directly from the past, and to be here, they've made a time travel that will fascinate you all!

This street entertainment performs all the dreams and creativity useful to realize the most original of street theatre. Designed to entertain steampunk festivals, public events, and also to amaze young and old audiences in Malls and Corporate events, the original Time Machine street entertainment will take the breath away from you all.

The original Time Machine is not a legend anymore, it's the most original street entertainment among street theatre.

The original time machine was built in Italy in the Prestige Eventi laboratories and is the result of years of work and incredible tests. The original Time Machine travels on wheels, it is full of effects to amaze all audiences. An extraordinary street theatre perfect for any type of event because time is relative, its only value is given by what we do while it is passing.

It’s not a legend anymore:

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