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How to build an original Time Machine

A fascinating journey into the past to let you discover how we build the original Time Machine

How to build a time machine?? It would be easier to explain how man managed to go to the moon, but we want to try to explain how we got the idea to build an original Time Machine and how we did it by realizing this fantastic vehicle that travels in time although with imagination. And as in Wells' story, the true inspiration for the birth of this amazing street entertainment, we will travel back together in time, arriving at the precise moment when this project became a reality…. Are you ready to start with us this time travel?


What means building an original Time Machine?

You will see the whole process that gave birth to the most original walking act made in steampunk style. It is realized to entertain events all over the world with amazing street theatre performers on a fantastic walking act show rich of special effects. The original Time Machine owes its birth to a group of creatives who have conceived this amazing walking act from its very first gear, evaluating, thinking and reasoning every single aspect of this very particular street theatre walking act to arrive at a final result unique in the world: the original Time Machine. Yes… something unique because it's entirely built by hand. Something unique because every single component of the original Time Machine has been designed and carved as only the skilled hands of Italian artisans can do. Something unique because each gear has been designed and assembled by hand to give the original Time Machine its unmistakable steampunk style. Something unique because It made a legend real and It made concretely achievable something that until now had only been seen in films or imagined thanks to novels ... to travel through time on a real time machine.


Where did the original Time Machine is built?

Our journey with the original Time machine starts inside Prestige Events laboratories, in Italy, right there where the original Time Machine was created. As soon as you cross the threshold, it is impossible not to realize that you are in a company that preserves and develops an all-Italian creativity, but with international ideas and thoughts. It is here that Prestige Events conceives and produces its own entertainment shows. 30 years of experience in organizing events and producing street theatre inspired shows. The original Time Machine is one of Prestige Events Italy production and if you want to know more about all Prestige Events entertainments you can visit the Company official website on

Why an original Time Machine is born?

Because Man has always dreamed about time travel, so much that time travel has become a legend, of which speak novels such as Wells' "the Time Machine" and films like "Back to the Future". Colossals like Jurassic Park hide the great desire to revive the past. Famous films such as "Slighting Doors" bring to the stage the dream of exploring the past and the future to know how they would be according to the actions we done (or we haven't done) … the famous “what would have been if…”. Not to mention the spread of the famous steampunk festivals, which celebrate the dream of a better present thanks to a past that tastes of the future, or the world historical reenactment events, in which the celebration of anniversaries becomes the opportunity to spend a day living in an atmosphere of the past .... All these reasons were enough to let the Staff of Prestige Events Italy decide to explore the theme of time travel to create a new steampunk entertainment, something never seen before into the world of street theatre performances able of leaving the public of adults and children speechless: the original Time Machine!

When the original Time Machine is born?

Everything starts on the "Workshop Ideas" day. This is a special day for the Staff of Prestige Events Italy. It happens once a month and, on this day, all the Staff are dedicated to new ideas. All office and laboratory activities are suspended, and good Italian cuisine is prepared. Even on the " Workshop Ideas" day of about the original Time Machine, three years ago, all members of Prestige Events Italy Staff, sit down at the table and start talking, talking, talking. The idea of ​​creating a walking act on the original time machine began to emerge on that day. The Staff of Prestige Events Italy was intent on talking about Albert Einstein, his theory on the relativity of time and the fourth dimension. All the creatives of Prestige Events Italy agreed on the beauty of seeing the possibility of going back in time realized ... On the other hand, those who in life have not wished at least once to be able to go back to the past or peek into the future .... and so, as always, started the magic!

How the original Time Machine start to be built?

“The light bulb turns on” and suggestions, desires, projects, ideas come out… all aimed at creating a show unique in the world. Someone supposed that the original Time Machine really existed, others that it was impossible to make it, at least for today's knowledge. All this talk about time travels, time machines, Einstein's theory of relativity, novels .... in the end bear fruits as always. Focused on the idea of ​​a steampunk-style walking act about the original Time Machine, the passionate Staff of Prestige Events Italy begins to design a fantastic time machine, initially with chalk on the floor of the laboratory, then with pencil drawings on the tablecloths of paper, then inserting the best ideas into computers to give a three-dimensional shape to the idea of the original Time Machine. Staff Members with more theatrical attitudes, on the other hand, improvised with street theatre performances and imagined themselves as time travellers, telling fantastic stories of the past full of details and incredible future assumptions .... the original time machine was coming to light ...


How how long did it take to build the original time machine?

It's from that precise moment that the actual building of the original Time Machine walking act begins. When the idea becomes more outlined and concrete, the more technical and operational reflections begin, dimensions, size, set-up times, transport, special effects. Precisely on special effects, the creatives of the Prestige Events Italy Staff with more technical skills begin to study a clock that would work marking time back and forward at the same time. How does a clock go back and forth in time at the same time? Nothing is impossible when the “hands of Italian artisans” have the support of the imagination…. And this is how every detail, aspect, effect of the original time machine slowly found its precise place to help create a unique steampunk entertainment, an incredible walking act that caused the much desired "woooow" effect in its own creators! Although the ideas were very clear from the beginning, the production was neither linear nor simple. The Prestige Events Italy Staff wanted to create a fantastic walking act, unique in the world inspired by Wells' novel but with a theatrical comic streak that would stimulate the audience's imagination on a topic that until now was not reality. It took 3 years to see the original time machine project realized, and several times the Staff of Prestige Events Italy had to re-start the project from the beginning. But in the end… well… the result was achieved…. and you can see it in many videos of the original Time Machine walking act!

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