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Corporate Events

and the original Time Machine

 Every corporate event celebrates "Time". Why?


Because in every corporate event you will breathe company’s past, present and future, that’s why our original time machine is the perfect entertainment solution for every corporate event.


In every corporate event you can breathe the company's past and its history: the time machine as entertainment for corporate anniversaries


We suggest our original Time Machine as the perfect entertainment for corporate events, for every kind of corporate events because every corporate event worthy of respect celebrates the dimension of corporate “time”. Every day people work together to enrich a common vision. This is the aim of every corporate from its beginning. And Companies organize corporate events to remember it. Today is not possible to organize a corporate event without mentioning its history. The "time" of a company is synonymous with its solidity, strength, stability. The company's time is the strength of a shared vision ... a project that starts from the past and moves the same company itself into the future. Have you ever attended a convention where there was no talk of the history of the company, its future projects or both ... that's why every corporate event celebrates time! That’s why we say that the original time machine is the perfect entertainment for every corporate event. Through the amazing performance of this incredible street theatre show, you will celebrate in an unforgettable way your company “time”. You will have at your disposal the tool to let your corporate event’s guests across that time with a fantastic travel trough time. Corporate events participants will attend your Company history, will see together with you your future and share your vision! What are you waiting for, don't waste time!

Every corporate event projects Company into the future: the corporate vision and the time machine as entertainment for conventions


Whether it is a corporate event for a new product launch campaign, a meeting or the organization of a convention, the original Time Machine will be the exclusive and tailor-made entertainment to emphasize the importance of "time" for your company. We organize tailor-made performances for your corporate event with professional "time travellers" who, driving the original Time Machine, will offer the great impact of street theatre entertainment at your meeting or convention. An exciting show with which to renew the promises of the past and share new projects for the future. Ask the original Time Machine staff how to do it!

Every corporate event is the present moment that joins the past whit the future: the time machine as entertainment for corporate events, incentives and family days


But don’t forget that the organization of a corporate event is also the present time to share with your company people. A "present" that is also fun and pleasure. If you are searching for the right entertainment to involve people of your corporate event into incredible and fantastic adventures, you’re in the right place…. at the right time! Each corporate event aims to strengthen the bonds between the people who work on the company's objectives every day, allowing them to experience the company's "time" as a positive moment. This is why choosing the right entertainment for a corporate event is fundamental to the success of the event itself. The original Time machine is entertainment suitable for all ages and customizable in the contents of street theater performance. That's why the original time machine is the perfect solution to all corporate events entertainment, family days, conventions, meetings, anniversaries, gala dinners and even team buildings. The original time machine is the perfect show for any corporate event, it speaks to the heart with the emotions of a unique show and celebrates "time" in all its dimensions. Ready to start your time travel?

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