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Malls Entertainment

and the original Time Machine

Can you imagine what would happen if walking through the gates of your city's Mall, you suddenly found yourself in 18th century London? What would you think if people in Victorian clothes walked around you, looking at the windows of the Mall and coming in to shop?

Your first thought would undoubtedly be: Where am I ? Just like in the movie "Back to the Future". Well .... we'll give you the answer! You are in front of the most original Malls entertainment of all time ... it really needs to be said: you are undoubtedly witnessing the Time Machine walking act in its version for Malls entertainment.

The Time Machine: the most original walking act for the best Malls Entertainment

With the Time Machine Malls entertainment you can taste the atmosphere and sensations of a journey through time. With the Time Machine for Malls entertainment, you can get on board the most amazing walking act for Malls and become the protagonist of the show together with the evocative steampunk performers driving the original Time Machine.

With Time Machine entertainment for Malls, shopping has never been this fun!


With the original Time Machine for Malls entertainment, we will be able to stop time, travel into the past and transport young and old into the future. The Mall becomes a time gate with the original Time Machine entertainment, and the audience will be involved in the most original entertainment ever seen, a malls entertainment they cannot forget anymore!

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