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Special effects for movies

and the original Time Machine

The original Time Machine … entertainment with special effect and much more:

Original Time Machine is not only a great entertainment performance, It’s a real special presence to use as impactful scenography in events and video clips, as a steampunk note in fashion shows or scenographic presence in films, musicals, on stage .... the original Time Machine is an element of effect ... of a special effect!

The time becomes a special effect with the original Time Machine

With the original Time Machine, you will have at your disposal a scenographic element unique in the world. A real Time Machine ready to make your video clip, your film, your event or your fashion show unique with elements of a special handcrafted taste and rich in special effects.

Time is the absolute protagonist of this craftsmanship, and is manifested through a huge luminous clock that marks the time in an unconventional way. A unique mechanism studied in the Prestige Events laboratories in Italy, gives to the audience the vision of hands that mark a time that goes to the past and simultaneously travels to the future.

Every gear, every clock's hand, every single element and all special effects of the original Time Machine has been totally designed, hand-drawn and carved in wood with the unmistakable skill of Italian craftsmanship. This extraordinary steampunk setting brings to mind the Victorian era and the appearance of a eighteenth-century sailing ship and, at the same time, a vehicle of the future.

 The original Time Machine special effects of light

Looking along the side of our steampunk galleon, we notice wonderful details highlighted by special effects of light that bring out gauges, flow indicators, gears and red seats as in the most exquisite tradition of Victorian theatre. By placing a hand on the original Time Machine it is possible to feel the warmth of the wood, carved to create wonderful handcrafted steampunk details.

The original Time Machine  special effects of steam

The eyes are captured by vents that generate a carpet of steam on which the original time machine travels. And if we try a little, you can smell the coal of the old steam trains of eighteenth-century London in the distance. And what a marvel when you arrive at the helm station, right there where is concentrated the heart of a fantastic machine that allows you to set the course to go back in time or jump quickly into the future!

The original Time Machine  special effects of sounds

Continuing to move around our original Time Machine, it is impossible not to be amazed by the faithful reconstruction of the bow of a beautiful galleon that carries an armillary sphere to its top ... so the route will never be lost during our journey into the past, much less if we decide to go into the future. A long line of light will always light up the path to allow our time travellers to always reach the right destination. Getting on board and taking a seat on the original Time Machine we will soon realize that our time travels are accompanied by special sound effects that make everything extraordinarily real. Pops, noises of gears, hisses ... are just some of the sounds' special effects with which the original Time Machine allows the audience to follow time travellers in their raids.

The original Time Machine, time travels with a special effects you can see, hear and … feel!

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