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Steampunk Festivals

and the original Time Machine

How would the past have been like if the future had come sooner ?

Steampunk festivals: what are they?

Steampunk festivals are events that bring together art, culture, literature and entertainment steampunk-themed,  the fantasy current born in the 1980s and inspired by the stories of Verne, Conan Doyle and Wells set in Victorian London.

We are in a historical era in which the watchword is "progress". Steam engines rule, the transformation of coal into energy makes possible to travel faster with trains and the progress of mechanics give man the push to overcome his limits.

The emblematic novels of the Steampunk style speak of time travel and the general spirit that animates steampunk painters, scientists, historians and writers can be summed up in the question: " How would the past have been like if the future had come sooner ?".

And  the Steampunk Festivals around the world are inspired by this movement of ideals, art, culture and science. Every year entertainment companies and events planners organize real gatherings where steampunk fans from all over the world meet to experience the atmosphere, sounds and colors of Victorian London.

Participating in steampunk festivals means walking through the streets of your city surrounded by people in strange period clothes. Living the experience of steampunk festivals means taking advantage of the daring theories on the relativity of time, for adventurous journeys into the future or exciting returns to the past. With steampunk festivals it is possible to be the protagonists of historical re-enactment events and discover "what the past would have been like, if the future had come first".

 The Time Machine: the most original walking act for steampunk festivals

And it was by becoming passionate about Wells' novel "The Time Machine", that we thought to make the legend real and to create the most original walking act ever, to entertain Stampunk Festivals around the world.

This walking street entertainment is a real condensation of steampunk suggestions. The large luminous clock marks the time, a time that flows backwards, a time that goes back to the past, a time that does not bend to conventional logic. As the steampunk style celebrates, the original time machine is a street entertainment walking a cloud of steam.

The original time machine is driven by extraordinary steampunk performers, dressed in Victorian clothes and wrapped in a great mystery ....  are they men or robots made of mechanical gears? Around them the great wonder of having made the impossible possible, traveling aboard an original time machine and having crossed time to get from the past to present days!

With the original time machine all the beauty, wonder and fantasy of steampunk style remain alive and current thanks to a special walking act designed as entertainment for the international steampunk festivals around the world.

The original Time Machine entertainment for steampunk festivals is an international walking act, without language barriers. At the same time it's an interactive steampunk street entertainment able to bring the atmosphere, sounds, colors  with steampunk characters of Victorian London that will entertain all steampunk festivals in the world. Thanks to original time machine entertainment and its steampunk performers, your steampunk festival will be the most beautiful and realistic steampunk reenactment ever seen.


Steampunk Festivals in Europe

The steampunk-style world is so fascinating that it's the inspiration for the birth and organization of many steampunk festivals throughout Europe and around the world.

These steampunk events are real historical re-enactments in which  steampunk style's fans,  also called Steamers, recreate and relive the ideals that animate the steampunk movement. Attending steampunk festivals isn't just about putting on gorgeous Victorian-era dresses or flaunting welder hats and goggles in front of a gawking-eyed audience.

Attending steampunk festivals means being an expression of the encounter between the Victorian age and today's knowledge, creating something that is better than the past, but also is a better future. It's with this spirit that many steampunk festivals were born in Europe.

The leader of steampunk festivals is undoubtedly the United Kingdom, where it all originates and where the steampunk movement is strong and alive. And it's in the United Kingdom that the oldest and longest-running steampunk festival is based, we are talking about The Asylum, the Lincoln steampunk festival that takes place every year in August and gathers passionate steampunk performers from all over the world with a program of literary events, artistic, musical, visits to historic buildings, dance, cabaret and entertainment. But the United Kingdom also offers another opportunity to attend an evocative annual steampunk event such as the Shrewsbury Steampunk festival. This young steampunk festival, now at its third edition, it held every year at the end of March.

But the fascination of steampunk festivals is so strong that entertainment companies and event planners are encouraged to organize steampunk festivals in different parts of Europe. This is the case of the famous gathering of Lucca in Italy, which with its LuccaComics hosts hundreds and hundreds of cosplayers and steampunk performers every year between late October and early November.

And to undergo the same steampunk charm is also the evocative setting of San Marino, which has entered the ranks of fascinating European steampunk festivals since 2015 with Steam Party - Steampunk Festival. In April, for a whole weekend, this marvelous medieval village takes a journey through time thanks to steampunk performers, musicians, painters and writers to see what our age would be like if the world ran on steam. Steam Party - Steampunk festival involves the whole State of San Marino and during the two days of the steampunk festival, also bars and restaurants serve steampunk dinners and aperitifs ... a world of steam and gears that attracts steampunk fans from all over the world.

Taking a sea voyage, the love for steampunk festivals from Italy touches Spain and arrives in Barcelona with the annual Steampunk Convention at the end of October. During the Steampunk event in Barcelona, ​​squares and city streets become the steampunk setting where you can admire artisans and steampunk performers express their steampunk-themed creativity.


The Steampunk Style in festivals all over the world


But the steampunk movement does not stop even in front of the ocean and from Spain it arrives in America where it gives life to many steampunk festivals. These are the cases of the Watch City Steampunk festival in the  Waltham, Massachusetts,  or the steampunk festival held in the Nevada desert: the Burning Man steampunk Festival.

The Burning Man steampunk Festival is an example of how much the steampunk movement is a strong appeal in the organization of steampunk events, just think that it started with 35 individuals in San Francisco and today it has exploded in popularity and gets about 70,000 people in attendance.

Other important steampunk events are held in Australia, New Zealand and in the state of Victoria, every year in June and November.

But all this success of steampunk festivals in the world does not surprise us, on the other hand we are talking about progress and travel ... and this could only happen!


About The original Time Machine producers:

The original time machine is our walking street entertainment for steampunk festivals and international events. An artisanal manufacture made up of all Italian entertainment workers. But the creativity of the Prestige Events Staff is not just steampunk. If you want to find out more about all our shows click on


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If you are searching for the best entertainment solution for yor steampunk festival you're already in the right place ... at the right time!

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