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Street Theatre

and the original Time Machine

The magic of the Victorian era is ready to kidnap event audiences around the world with a legendary walking act: the original Time Machine.  You will not believe your eyes in front of this incredible steampunk street theatre entertainment with its amazing steampunk cosplays. 

The original Time Machine street theater is a steampunk walking act designed to entertain street theater festivals, Malls, public and private events. If you need to take the breath away from young and old audiences “no words” you will find the original time machine street theatre the perfect solution.

Choosing the Original Time Machine street theatre, you will be in front of a unique vehicle full of special effects, sounds, lights, gears and you will be totally immersed in a steampunk atmosphere.

Performers from the past for events of the future. The best street theatre for street festival and steampunk events. The Time Machine is not a legend anymore.

As all the best walking acts, the original time machine street theatre, will be the main street entertainment of all events. Walking along the streets or in Malls, people can attend to an extraordinary steampunk walking act and get on board the original time machine becoming protagonist of this incredible street theatre with its amazing steampunk performers.

With the original Time Machine street theatre, you will bring in your event the taste of a fantasy world made by lights, dreams, gears, time travels and physics …. Yes physics! The original Time Machine street theatre is a walking act inspired by Einstein theories about time.

For millennia, humankind have been chasing the dream of being able to travel through time, and this dream permeates art from cinema to literature. And now street theatre and entertainment too. The original Time Machine street entertainment brings the legend to life. Everyone knows what the Time Machine is, but no one has ever seen it ... at least until now!

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